Monday, July 11, 2011

Recommendation of The Year: Kira at Pure and Healthy Hair Salon

My first recommendation is Pure and Healthy Salon located in 3601 Regent Blvd, Suite 135, Irving, TX 75063.

The salon was clean and had a pleasing atmosphere.The bathrooms were also clean which was a plus! The salon seemed to be well maintained. The chairs, hair dryers, wall paint and flooring were in very good condition. I enjoyed the mature music playing in the salon. It was pleasant and complimented the salon atmosphere. The music seemed to be a the perfect volume so that I could still hear my stylist however enjoy the songs. The salon was packed with high quality products and brands. I love Miss Jessie products and that was one of the brands used at this salon.

The staff is very professional and friendly. The second I walked in I was offered a bottle of water or wine. The receptionist was very friendly and made small talk while I waited. I did not have to wait very long before I was greeted by my hair stylist, Kira.

Kira took me back to her chair and discussed with me my needs and desires for my hair. She gave me realistic expectations and recommendations. The finished product was much more than I expected. My hair was silky, straight, shiny and full of body. I like my hair very straight at the roots and Kira was able to get to the roots (without burning me) . So I was very very satisfied. I absolutely loved my hair! Kira did not use a straightening comb which I found was a PLUS! She was able to straighten my entire head with flat irons which I have been told is healthier for your hair. At the time of my visit, I needed a hair trim. Kira trimmed my hair to perfection. I was very satisfied with my hair cut. She seemed to be very excited about my hair and the possibilities. This excitement was contagious! Her hair styling techniques were innovative and effective. Kira also had very stylish hair. She is natural and wore what appeared to be a two strand twist with flavor! I consider myself a very knowledgeable client so I was very happy to find that Kira was extremely knowledgeable about everything natural! I began to trust her more and more the more she spoke to me about natural hair and the process of maintaining natural hair.

The other hair stylist in the salon were very engaging. They seemed to work very well together. This is the first salon that I saw the real meaning of "team work" displayed amongst stylist. It was very refreshing. After talking with Kira, she told me that the stylist in this salon often attend classes to ensure they are up to date on the latest innovations in the hair industry. She also mentioned that all hair stylist in the salon share their effective techniques with other Pure and Healthy hair stylists to ensure each client, no matter which stylist you choose, will receive top notch service.

I also had the opportunity to meet and speak with the owner, Sharlena Bell.  She was very pleasant, professional and informative. By the way, her hair color is beautiful!

So all in all, I truly enjoyed my experience at this salon. I recommend Kira and the Pure and Healthy Hair Salon hair stylists to other natural women in the Dallas area.

A Little Bit About My Hair!!

So what type of hair do I possess? Well, I have kinky hair. I think it is characterized as 4b hair. I normally wear my hair straightened. My focus is on finding natural hair stylists that straighten hair very well but also someone who is versatile enough to give me other natural hair styles that I occasionally desire such as a two strand twist.


Characteristics of a Talented Stylist

Finding a talented stylist can be difficult. But there are a few characteristics that most talented hair stylist and their salons possess.

Cleanliness of the Salon!!!

I believe a clean and organized salon is essential! When the salon is clean it usually means that the owner and staff have a work flow to maintain a hygienic and sanitized work environment. It also means they are all working together to accomplish this task. What does this mean for you? It means that you have entered a well organized and structured salon.

Excellent Customer Service!!!

Its important to find a salon that offers excellent customer service. Is the receptionist polite? Is the stylist  polite? These qualities will be very important if you choose to make this your "home" salon because you will be visiting the salon and interacting with the staff often.

The Perfect Stylist (for you)!!!

Are you offered a free hair consultation? Does the stylist allow you to ask as many questions as you like? Does he/she offer suggestions or recommendations for your hair type? Does the stylist offer at home care advice? Does every client have the same hair style after leaving the salon? What is the appearance of the stylist's hair? Does the stylist listen to your needs, concerns and/or recommendations regarding your hair?

These are a few questions that I always keep in the back of my mind when visiting a new stylist. I always gage how I feel after I leave the salon. I like to feel like a valued customer. I also like for my stylist to listen to my needs and concerns. At the end of the day, the client is the person that has to look at and maintain any hair style, color or treatment that is given during the salon visit, so I believe the client's input is vital.

The professionalism of a stylist is very important. Does your stylist show up late to your appointments? Does your stylist over book appointments which cause you to wait excessive amounts of time? Personally, I like my stylist to be on time. I also don't mind if my stylist ask to reschedule my appointment if I arrive late to my scheduled appointment. It is important that the stylist value your time and clients should value the time the stylist.

What types of hair does the stylist normally work on? Sometimes, you can tell the field of expertise by the clients waiting in the lobby. If you notice that most people that sit in a stylist chair ask for a particular style such as a two-strand twist, this could be one of the looks your stylist has mastered. It may however not be the only one he/she has mastered. But it is important to pay attention to the type of styles or processes your stylist appears to be giving clients more than others. What types of hair textures does your client work on? Styling wavy curls is very different than styling kinky hair. So make sure that your stylist has experience (extensive) working on your hair type, again, look around the salon and observe the hair textures your stylist frequently works on.

Last but not least, are you satisfied with the final product? If you like the final product, but your stylist is lacking in other areas it may be helpful to communicate your needs to your stylist. Most stylist are open to the concerns of the client and are always looking for ways to improve the service they provide. If your stylist is offended by your concerns or recommendations, this may not be the stylist for you.

These are a few of the things I consider important when choosing a salon and stylist. I hope this helps you find a great stylist in the Dallas area!

Natural Hair Stylist in Dallas???

When I first started transitioning, I had the hardest time finding information regarding natural hair stylists in the Dallas area. I searched the Internet hoping to find an abundance of information regarding natural hair stylists. I had no such luck. I was really shocked because Dallas, TX is a very large city. I assumed before embarking on this natural journey that I would have tons of different hair stylists to choose from. I was sadly mistaken.

After discovering the lack of information regarding hair stylist for natural women in Dallas, I decided to make it my hobby to search high and low for talented natural hair stylists. I found hair stylists via word of mouth, the Internet, natural hair forums, etc. You name it, I tried it. Some salon visits were better than others. I encountered a few stylists that were not very honest about their experience with natural hair. But I also found some stylist that really did have a talent and patience to style natural kinky hair.

So my journey began out of a need for a natural hair stylist. My journey continues because I want to share the information I learned as well as showcase some of the great stylists that I encountered with other Dallas area natural women.

This blog will not consist of any negative information regarding stylists that were not so talented in regards to natural hair. This blog will ONLY showcase the talented hair stylists that specialize in natural hair! Also, please remember that each person's experience may be different. This is simply my experience.

I continue to search for talented stylists in the Dallas area. Therefore, please feel free to email me with suggestions of natural hair stylists you think I might want to visit.